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What do you do?
We are a marketing company. We take your songs and send them to independent curators we have personally done research on and verified.

My Song isn’t out yet, can I still order?
Yes! You can order any promotion before the song is released. Please note the release date when ordering so we can make sure your promotion is secured.

Do you sell streams/follows?
 We do not sell streams nor followers. We are here to make sure your music is guaranteed in playlists of independent curators who review the music and if not accepted you get 100% refund.
What is the ordering process?
You select which playlist you'd like to submit to, enter your Spotify tack URL and then purchase. Once purchased, we will send your song to the playlist owner who has 48hours to review your song. If accepted, the song will be added right away. If declined you receive 100% refund of your purchase.
What is the number next to the playlist name?
This is how many followers the playlist has and not how many plays you receive, streams can vary and we do not sell guarantee
d streams.
How long are the promotion campaigns?
We offer Weekly (7 Days) & Monthly (28 Days) promotions, we do this to keep the playlist fresh and to make sure you get enough attention in the list. If you’re looking for longer campaigns please contact us.

Do you promote EP’s or Albums?
Not right now, it’s best to pick a focus song from either your EP or Album that we can promote. We can promote multiple songs in an album but will have to be separate orders.

What genres do you promote?
Any! We have a huge network of playlists and curators we’re partnered with so we can offer promotion to a variety of genres. If we or they feel it doesn’t fit, you will get a full refund.

How many plays do I get for each promotion?
We can’t guarantee plays as all of our playlists have real organic listeners.

I have a problem with my order, help?
Please contact us on info@playlistplugs.com

Do you offer refund?
We offer refund only when we or the curator didn't add your song to the playlist in a week.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?
Yes! Contact us on info@playlistplugs.com and we can arrange a suitable deal.

Is this against Spotify's rules?
No, it is not against the Spotify's rules. We are offering a marketing service by sending your music to our network of independent curators. It is just like paying a radio promoter to send songs to a radio station.