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Looking to create new songs, but producers can't keep up with your workflow?  We got you! Come and get the your exclusive and unique beat 'SMOKIN'. This hard rap instrumental comes with fully mixed and mastered wav and mp3 file. On top, you get the stems to be able to edit and rework the track to your needs. You can simply upload the final track everywhere you want (incl. all Streaming platforms - once bought, the full ownership of the song is yours). Every exclusive beat comes with a free playlist pitch from your favorite Playlist Plugs!

 Check out a 30 second preview of 'SMOKIN' here:


You will be granted the following rights:

- Exclusive Rights - this beat is only sold to you and nobody else

- Full Rights

- Commercial Use in perpetuity


Please read: This beat includes samples that are non-exclusive. You might run into claim ownerships of other artists using the same samples. This beat is sold exclusive and is 100% unique for you.