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When is Spotify Wrapped 2020 released?

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Over the last few years, Spotify has released a special treat for listeners in the form of its annual ‘Wrapped’ round up.

Spotify Wrapped is available through the app and is a retrospective round-up for each user on their listening habits from the last year.

The annual snapshot usually very quickly trends on social media, with each person sharing their individual Spotify Wrapped insights. 2020 may not be a year that many want to remember,

When is Spotify Wrapped 2020 released?

On Spotify’s website, the music streaming service says that Wrapped 2020 is ‘coming soon’. They also add: ‘Keep listening on Spotify and we’ll let you know when your 2020 Wrapped is ready.’

In previous years, Spotify Wrapped has been released in early December. In 2018 it was around December 6 and last year it was released on December 2. Based on this, we may only need to wait a few weeks more before Spotify Wrapped 2020 is released.



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