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What Do You Think To Spotify's New Update?

Spotify has announced an update for its mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms that introduces new ways for users to access their recently played tracks, as well as discover new music.

The redesigned Home interface will begin rolling out to users globally this month and features updates for both free members and Premium subscribers.

The update adds or adjusts three main features – improved access to listening history, podcast tracking and discovery, and a more prominent and reactive 'new release' section.

The first of these takes the shape of a small 'history' icon at the top of the Home screen, next to the settings cog, which displays up to three months of listening history in the form of individual tracks, including the playlists or albums these songs were accessed from.

For Premium subscribers, the six tiles that sit at the top of the Home screen will now show progress bars over podcast episodes you've already started, as well as displaying new episodes for followed podcasts, marked with a blue dot.

Finally, another Premium-exclusive feature is a new section that will sit just under these six tiles to highlight new releases from followed artists, which Spotify claims will be "personalized, timely, and reactive to your taste".

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