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What Changes Are Coming To Spotify's Android & iOS?

SPOTIFY'S Android and iOS apps are getting a fresh new look in the coming week. Here's what music and podcast lovers need to know about the inbound Spotify app redesign and what's changing.

Spotify has been busy tweaking its Android and iOS apps in the past few months. It was only a few weeks ago in March when the music streaming service revealed they were refreshing the UI for the Home section. And now hot off the heels of that design update Spotify is once again tinkering with its apps - this time changing around the 'Your Library' page.

Spotify said the new version of 'Your Library' is streamlined to make it easier for users to find saved music and podcasts quicker.

The leading name in streaming said the redesign will mean users are spending far less time rummaging through the app trying to find what they want to listen to, and more time actually rediscovering music and podcasts they know and love.

New filters, better sorting options along with a new Grid view will all help Spotify users find the content they're after quicker and easier.

Outlining the redesign in a blog post online, Spotify said: "We are rolling out a new version of Your Library to all Spotify mobile users.

"Now, you’ll have a more streamlined way to easily explore your collection and find your saved music and podcasts faster. Your Library’s updated design and added features will enable you to spend less time looking for content and organising your collection, and more time rediscovering the music and podcasts you’ve loved over the years.

"And as always, keep adding even more content for a library that grows alongside you into the future."

The redesigned 'Your Library' section for the Spotify Android and iOS app began rolling out on Thursday April 29, with the feature expected to reach all users in the coming week.

Spotify said the UI revamp will help users browse their entire collection of music and podcasts all in one place.

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