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What Are The Benefits To Spotify Canvas?

Canvas has just been rolled out to the majority of artists and a new market place for designers. Spotify points to some new numbers around user engagement with the feature. According to the service, listeners are:

  • 145% more likely to share the track
  • 5% more likely to keep streaming
  • 20% more likely to add the song to their personal playlists
  • 9% more likely to visit an artists’ profile page

Awesome stats for anyone looking to push their music further on the platform and good news for designers! 

Spotify's SoundBetter marketplace now offers Canvas designers with access to some top names who have created visuals for high-profile artists, ranging from Kanye to Billie Eillish.

“Since Canvas is a unique format to Spotify, we want to make it as easy as possible for artists to find visual artists to help them create eye-catching visuals,” the company writes. “After selecting a designer, artists share details on the sonics of their track and their creative vision, which the designer then takes into account to create a custom Canvas tailored to meet their needs.”

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