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Spotify Introduces Niche Mixes

Some of your listening recommendations come in the form of Spotify Mixes, a favorite feature for Spotify users. Listeners have spent countless hours tapping into their feels with personalized Mood Mixes, getting nostalgic with custom Decades Mixes, and discovering new artists we think they’ll love with Genre Mixes in their ongoing search for the perfect playlist to match the moment. And now, Spotify are expanding the Mixes family with Niche Mixes: a set of personalized playlists that combines all that Mixes offer in a playful way. Giving listeners access to tens of thousands of Mixes unique to them based on, well, almost anything they can think of.

To access your Niche Mixes, just go to the Made For You hub within the Search tab to find 5-10 Mixes Spotify think you’ll like. If you’re looking to get super specific, search for an activity, vibe, or aesthetic that describes the moment you’re in, and then add the word “mix” at the end. Don’t be shy. Get creative. The more Mixes you search for, the more music you can discover.

Start the day with the Feel Good Morning Mix, get moving with some retro bops from the ’80s Running Mix, hit the road with the Driving Singalong Mix, and wind down the night and relax with the Night Time Mix. No matter what you’re doing or what you enjoy, if you can think of it, there may very well be a Mix of it. 

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