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Spotify Acquires Heardle!

Heardle challenges players to identify a song based on its opening note, similar to Wordle which grew with huge popularity and was sold to the New York Times earlier this year. 
Announcing their purchase earlier this week, Spotify have now taken over the music app and have big plans. But unfortunately for some users it's not available yet and has only been rolled out to USA, UK and Australia, but don't worry it will be going Worldwide soon. 
Wondering how you play the app? It's pretty simple...

Spotify are hoping to integrate Heardle more fully into its platform in the future to allow "music lovers to connect more deeply with artists and challenge friends".
"We are always looking for innovative and playful ways to enhance music discovery and help artists reach new fans," said Spotify's global head of music Jeremy Erlich.
"Since its debut, the game has quickly built a loyal following, and it aligns with our plans to deepen interactivity across the Spotify ecosystem."
Want to give Heardle a try? Head here to check it out! 

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