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Playlist in a Bottle

Spotify are back with a new in-app feature called 'Playlist in a Bottle', users can create a time capsule that can be opened in 2024.

The new experience is designed and aimed to let Spotify users revisit their music taste & trends after one year. Through this new feature, users can try to guess which song will be a hit by 2024. 

Spotify users will be able to open their 'Playlist in a Bottle' by January 2024 to find out what came true and if their music tastes have changed over the year with new discoveries.

So, how do you access this cool new feature?

Make sure that your Spotify app is updated and bisit the Spotify link 'playlistinabottle.byspotify.com' on your phone.

How long is it available for? 

Create your music time capsule within January month as the feature is available only until the end of this month.

Spotify will invite its users to choose from a range of time capsules. It includes a bottle, a tiny pocket of jeans, a gumball machine, a lunch box, a teddy bear, or an acorn. This will be followed by a sequence of prompts issued to the user. Users will have to answer the queries with a song.

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